Thundercats #1 Lipwei Exclusive

Be the first to experience the long-awaited return of the Thundercats with this exclusive Lipwei Exclusive. Featuring fan-favorite Lion-O and his iconic Sword of Omens, this epic comic is a must-have for any collector or fan of the beloved franchise. Don't miss out on the excitement and nostalgia this comic brings.

Limited to 500 Copies with individually numbered COA

  • Single Raw: $19.99
  • CGC 9.8 Blue Label Pre Order: $89.99
  • CGC 9.8 Signed Pre Order: $159.99
  • CGC 9.8 Signed and Remarked Pre Order: $229.99

Shipping for raw copies will begin 7-10 business days after the book release on 2/7/24